Performance survey of the LOZOVA MACHINERY units: results, part I

Performance survey of the LOZOVA MACHINERY units: results, part I


LOZOVA MACHINERY summarize the results of the first stage of the performance survey of tillage implements, which consisted of comparing the work of four different units in the first stubble soil cultivation on the stubble of spring barley.  

The survey was carried out in the fields of the Mykolaiv National Agrarian University with the support of the Leonid Pogorilyy Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting and Testing of Machinery and Technologies.

The units, designed for surface, shallow tillage with simultaneous crushing of the soil, cutting the root system of weeds and crop residues, their partial embedding and mulching of the field surface, were employed in the field tests:

●       chopping rotary cutter DUCAT RST-6, with rotor blade tool;

●       vertical tillage harrow Verti-till DUCAT UVT-6 with turbo disc;

●       compact disc harrow DUCAT-2,5 with variable disc;

●       heavy tine harrow LIRA XL-21 (weeder).


The height of the spring barley stubble was 16.6 cm. The quality of work was assessed according to the following criteria: moisture accumulation, content of agronomically valuable aggregates,  germination of fallen seeds and weeds, intensity of decomposition of plant residues, tendency to compact the bottom of the tillage.

The survey has shown that each LOZOVA MACHINERY unit has its own strengths.


The best moisture retention is ensured by the DUCAT disc harrow

During the dynamic test, the moisture content of the soil was measured in layers below the tillage depth. The soil structure was absolutely correct. Then, the content of agronomically valuable aggregates was calculated.

The DUCAT-2.5 received the highest rate compared to other implements - 78.7%.

It is the size of the aggregates, that is one of the main qualitative characteristics of soils. The soil mass consists of lumps of various shapes and sizes. In terms of agronomy, the soil is considered structural soil, if the lumpy-granular water-resistant aggregates ranging in size from 10 to 0.25 mm make up more than 55%. Such aggregates are considered agronomically valuable. They are water-resistant, the resist the erosion effect of water, and provide an optimal water-air regime for soils.

Note, that this indicator is also very good for other tested implements.

241710433_212800407569667_2299892096842468232_n.jpg 241717254_213468760836165_8888150364466357468_n.jpg

DUCAT UVT: minimal compaction

Another issue raised during the test is which type of tools will create less compaction? According to this criterion, the undisputed winner was the DUCAT UVT-6 vertical harrow with an almost flat corrugated disc set with an attack angle of 5°.


DUCAT RST: best cutting

Crop residue management is one of the main tasks of the first stubble cultivation. To evaluate LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage implements, the degree of cutting and disintegration of the residues was measured according to this criterion; the challenge of sprouting and weeds was assessed, the dynamics of the rate of decomposition of the residues was monitored. According to this indicator, the DUCAT RST-6 unit, with its three rows of cutting blades, became the winner.

241937043_214782514038123_5424645059216302322_n.jpg   241756924_214782470704794_8375082218753386865_n.jpg 241755065_214782547371453_9109246579490972132_n.jpg 


LIRA XL has demonstrated the best mulch accumulation!


Finally, LOZOVA MACHINERY offers a wide range of implements for surface tillage to its consumers. Each type is additionally oriented for more efficient implementation in some areas, in particular:

- rotor blade: splitting of straw and challenging the germination of fallen seeds;

- turbo disc: decompaction of soil layers;

- variable disc: formation of the content of agronomically valuable aggregates and the accumulation of moisture;

- weeder: maximum productivity with satisfactory quality of work.

In general, the chopping rotary cutter DUCAT RST-6 can be considered as the most versatile according to the selected nomenclature of criteria on the stubble of spring barley.     


The comparative analysis did not end there. These units were also tested for sunflower. Stay tuned to the news, so you don't miss the results of the second part of the survey.

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