International trade: LOZOVA MACHINERY and Moldova

International trade: LOZOVA MACHINERY and Moldova

International trade

On August 27, the Republic of Moldova celebrated the 30th anniversary of its independence. This is a great reason to start LOZOVA MACHINERY's international relations news column with a story about reliable and successful trade relations with Moldova.

The company's cooperation with Moldovan farmers began in 2014 with the agricultural exhibition "Moldagrotech". After the successful demonstration of LIRA tooth harrow line, the dealer "Carvidon Service SRL" began to represent the brand on the Moldovan market and still continues to do it.

The farmers of Moldova very quickly appreciated the advantages of LIRA multifunctional tooth harrows. The units comb out weeds at the “white thread” stage, without injuring the cultivated plants. They destroy the surface crust and at the same time cover the moisture. LIRA tooth harrow line is always at the top of sales.

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In 2018, the Ukrainian brand doubles its sales in Moldova, entering the segment of disc harrows. Arid heavy lands prevail on the territory of the country, therefore the universal DUCAT disc harrows, which can work on harder soils due to the increased load on the disc, instantly gained popularity. DUCAT-5 was the first Ukrainian disc harrow in Moldova. It carries out surface loosening to a depth of 3-14 cm. It also increases interest among farmers engaged in organic farming and using the principle of sparing tillage to a depth of 10 cm.

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Today, the line of DUCAT short disc harrows with a working width from 2.5 to 6 meters is very popular among Moldovan farmers. This is due to the change in the technology of Moldovan agriculture and the transition to more sparing resource-saving tillage with minimal plowing. In addition, the size of the fields is small due to the peculiarities of the relief in Moldova.


Also, one of the factors of high interest in DUCAT harrows in the country is the ultra-reliable and durable component parts of the units - maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT with a high-quality sealing system. The units do not require maintenance throughout the entire service life.

In addition, thanks to the cooperation of LOZOVA MACHINERY and HF Agro, the DUCAT disc harrow can be equipped with an additional module that allows farmer to apply granular fertilizers, as well as use for overseeding (for example, green manure) in one pass with the main processing. This makes such advanced machines even more attractive to the Moldovan market.

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Today the company cooperates with two dealers in the Republic of Moldova: Carvidon Service SRL, Agropiese-TGR GRUP SRL. It plans to expand its presence on the market through new products. Recall that in 2021, the brand discovered a completely new direction and released SOVEREIGN liquid fertilizer injection unit and IMPERIAL 7 + 1 semi-mounted plow. The company is also working hard on vertical and ultra-surface tillage implements Ducat UVT and plans to release more new products: modified LIRA M tine harrows with working widths of 21 and 24 meters.


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