Elevator electric motors

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Advantages of elevator electric motors, developed by SKB Ukrelectromash:

  • high-resource energy-efficient closed bearings of SKB’s own manufacturing
  • high reliability, high efficiency factor and low energy consumption 
  • high traction characteristics 
  • the motors do not need scheduled maintenance in the process of exploitation.


Double -speed asynchronous low noise electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor of ADB160 and ADB180 types are designed for driving elevator gear winches with the carrying capacity of 225, 320, 400, 450, 630 kg with different speed of the cabin installed in residential buildings. The motors allow quickly and inexpensively to repair the existing elevators with increased exploitation characteristics and energy efficiency.


Designed for modernization of operating elevators with a carrying capacity of 225, 320, 400, 450, 630 kg with different speed of the cabin, in order to improve the consumer characteristics, improve the comfort of the trip and reduce power consumption.

By providing a smooth start and no starting currents, a higher efficiency over the entire control range compared to double-speed motors, the motors significantly reduce power consumption.

The motors are completely interchangeable in mounting and connecting dimensions with traditional two-speed electric motors.

GEARLESS ELEVATOR WINCHES with induction electric motors (POLYSPAST)

Gearless elevator winches with induction electric motors (polyspast) are designed for drive of elevators with the carrying capacity of 400 kg, 450 kg, 630 kg and with speeds of 1 and 1.6 m/ sec.

The electric motor has a significant overload capacity, low noise level and high reliability. Winches provide all operation modes of the elevator, taking into account the revision mode.

Gearless elevator winches with induction electric motors are complete with induction low-rotation high-torque electric motor with high energy-efficient characteristics. 


Efficient and cost-effective solution, which is ideal for the market of commercial housing of various classes and provides high energy efficiency. Gearless elevator winches on permanent magnets are developed for elevators with carrying capacity of 400, 630 and 1000 kg with speed of the cabin of 1,0 and 1,6 m/sec.

The main advantages of gearless elevator winches on permanent magnets manufactured by the SKB UKRELECTROMASH:

    -          High efficiency, and accordingly, energy efficiency

    -          Low noise and almost absent vibration

    -          High uniformity and smoothness of movement, high comfort

    -          Compact design, does not require a machine room

    -          Lower starting and operating currents. This reduces the requirements for the cross section of the supply cable and reduces the cost of connection

    -          Increased reliability and durability

    -          Ecological compatibility (reduced energy consumption, lack of lubrication).


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